Ever stopped


In the summer of 1986…I did.

I was just a newborn, so the details escape me, but this story never fails as a reminder to why I’m still here. I have a gift that creates hope and makes dreams tangible. That gift is storytelling. I use it to not only build platforms of hope and change, but raise the profile, equity, and value of minority-owned brands through strategy and brand design.

Your Personal Visual Storyteller & Strategist · 6’7″ Super Geek · Comic Book Writer · Gourmet Cook + Baker


Edward E. Williams, Jr. (just call me Ed)


Visual Storyteller + Strategist


Minority consumers deserve quality minority-owned brands they can believe in, too

Here’s my lil’ elevator pitch

I can turn your brand into the


You never even knew you had.

Sharing my journey
From Business Owner to Full-Time Entrepreneur

Now On igtv

If I stop, so does my business. It’s a scary reality for many of us and shouldn’t be. What separates us from a self-sustained entrepreneur? Systems. Watch me build my own and define entrepreneurship on my own terms.

the "tale it like it is" podcast

Tale It Like It Is is a podcast that shares stories of execution on big ideas through the tales of our Gentle Giant Supreme, Ed Williams. On the show, Ed shares personal stories of his process becoming an entrepreneur, building Arclight Comics, and insights on branding with story.

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