Denial can be a gateway into what you're truly meant to become

Being told I couldn’t be Batman opened a door. There was a lack of superheroes for POC, WOC, LGBTQIA+, and Disabled persons.

That needed fixed.

I knew I couldn’t create another comic full of diverse superheroes. The market was over-saturated.

Superheroes are everywhere.

To amplify our voice above the noise we had to come correct, and that meant building a brand and platform driven by story.

Take a look.

Get People To Care Through Stories, Beliefs, & Community

Make’em care was the goal.

And telling stories outside of comic pages was how we’d get there.

We couldn’t just bank the brand on diversity.

There was enough of that.

Our people needed something to believe in. They needed hope.

So we created superheroes and stories that would move, inspire, and transform our readers. If they couldn’t see how extraordinary and special they were, we’d show them through our characters.

We took underrepresented voices of POC, WOC, LGBTQIA+, and Disabled persons to let the world know our stories mattered, too. Our unique experiences would create the original content everyone is looking for.

I knew we needed a thematic throughline to make this work. We had to connect people universally to a universal story anyone from any walk of life could connect with and share their own stories around like a campfire.

So we started asking people to believe in things.

quickly get to market with the best version of your product possible

Create an MVP (minimal viable product) to build an MVB (minimal viable brand). Validate. Validate. Validate.


Our first issue cost $1900.

That was money I did NOT have and it was past time to put something out.

Our audience was getting impatient (and rightfully so).

I didn’t realize it at the time but I created our first MVP called mini issues.

One page stories that introduced our people to the characters, world, and kinds of stories we’d be telling. This was both a validation tool and a way to quickly get the product to market.

And it worked.

Over 5000 downloads and 6000 followers later we started defining the brand and who we were in the market.

People started to say some really nice things about us, too.

Your content has to have strategy, intent, and matter to your audience

We kept the ball rolling and tried new things others weren’t doing in our market.

We documented before Gary Vaynerchuk set the world on fire with that gem by going back over the last few years of building Arclight on a podcast.

52 episodes later with a short-lived 30-some episode run of ArclightTV we built a following and community simply sharing what we knew.

“Information is power, particularly when the competition ignores the opportunity to do the same.”

Communicate your vision, values, and beliefs in your MVP, execute at the highest quality possible, and the harvest will come

We ask our people to believe in something. Then we give them stories with characters to believe in.

Listen—we out here making people cry.

Pour your heart and soul into storytelling and communicating your beliefs, vision, and values so much that it resonates beyond product or service.

Do it until it attracts talent and builds a team for you—which is exactly what this has done.

We 9 deep.

Story is your greatest strategy

Tell a story at every touchpoint.

It’s created blowout audience engagement, buy-in, support, and sales at conventions.

We are a story-driven brand and I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from Arclight, combined it with my 12 years experience in brand design and strategy to create real results for business owners and entrepreneurs.

If there’s one thing I know how to do is to be heard, create experiences, and tell stories through design, strategy, and content to build an audience.
And it’s something I can do for you, too.

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