Beyonce's beychella content strategy breakdown

Coachella was on the horizon and we all expected Beyoncé to drop new music (and possibly even an album). But no such thing came. The lights flickered. The marching bands came out. And a crowd went wild for songs we’ve heard countless times. The craziest thing? We weren’t bored. It was like hearing the songs for the first time again.

There’s a secret sauce in Beyonce’s Beychella performance and if you looked closely enough she gave you everything you needed to create your own content strategy that builds an audience and creates demand on its own.

Lucky for you—you ain’t gotta do all that because I broke down exactly what Beyonce is doing and how you can replicate it!

now let's figure out the strategy to create this level of content

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated or associated with Beyoncè Knowles or part of her marketing team. This training is based on public observation of her 2017 Coachella performance, marketing, promotions, and entertainment releases.

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