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Tell us what you make happen, not what you make.

Storytelling turns commodities like makeup into Fenty and gyms into Planet Fitness. But how you tell your story makes the difference.

  • Is it hard to explain what you do?
  • Don't understand your audience?
  • Does marketing frustrate you?
  • Are you struggling to get heard?
  • Unable to get people to care?


Call me Ed

I’m a Visual Storyteller and Strategist who can help turn your business into a tall-tale you never knew you had, own a transmedia company that’s creating incredibly diverse superhero stories, and I’m obsessed with helping create influential minority-owned brands people can believe in.

the "tale it" podcast

Tale It Is is a podcast that shares stories of execution on big ideas through the tales of our Gentle Giant Supreme, Ed Williams. On the show, Ed shares personal stories of his process becoming an entrepreneur, building Arclight Comics, and insights on branding with story.

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