Find Your Audience

And start creating amazing solutions to their problems

An online implementation video course for entrepreneurs who want to identify their unique audience, solve their problems, and start movements.

Let’s get straight to the point: you need this course. In my 12 years of working with entrepreneurs, the #1 problem almost all of them had was a lack of understanding who their business was serving. They were:

  • Overwhelmed with hundreds of ideas
  • Never focused
  • Kept trying to build a business based on features and deliverables
  • Branding ideas and concepts but not understanding how the business worked
  • Clueless on what to post on social media
  • Had a hard time understanding how they’re business truly stood out
  • Couldn’t crack the code on marketing no matter what course they purchased

Then it hit me: They had NO idea who their audience was.

And when you don’t know who your audience is, you’ll never have a solid handle on your business.

Knowing YOUR audience is the cornerstone to successful business, and after walking several clients through HIGHLY successful audience discovery sessions and discovering who they were truly helping and the unique problems they solved, I decided to package this system up into the Audience Discovery Course.

The Audience Discovery Course is an audience-building system designed for you to discover your unique audience, their problems, and how you (and only you) can solve them.

The Audience Discovery Course is an implementation course—meaning you WILL walk away with your unique audience once you’ve completed all sections.

Check out the course breakdown:

Define Your Unique Audience Attributes
Go under the hood of your audience. Discover the culture of your brand’s community, the people who will be interacting with the community, how you sound to these people, and how your audience feels when interacting with the brand.

Craft Your Audience’s Belief Ecosystem

Uncover the deeper meaning behind your brand and how it impacts your audience. Define the purpose behind your brand and why it needs to exist; the impact it makes on your audience and how they’re transformed. Also discover the belief system your audience has that will create your unique brand tribe.
Create Your Audience Discovery Board

Put a face to these people by putting together an audience discovery board. You’ll always be able to picture who you’re talking to and creating solutions for.

Build Your Brand Script
Create a BrandScript—a seven-part framework designed around the elements of story. The BrandScript outlines the journey your customer takes with you and helps your business know exactly who it is, what it offers and why it matters to your customers.
The Audience Discovery Course is also designed to:
  • Define the high-level vision of what you’re truly selling
  • Shape the direction of your brand strategy, content strategy, and brand design
  • Put a face/faces to who you’re creating a solution for
  • Understand your unique position in the market and what truly sets your brand apart
I look forward to seeing you in the Audience Discovery Course releasing soon!
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